lost my mother

how do i get better i lost my mother and i am so depressed

I understand totally I lost my Mum on 18th November she was my best friend and I saw her everyday I have looked after her for forty one years the pain is unbearable I just can’t think too much about it as it hurts .We have had the funeral and it had been a busy week and half now it’s behind us I am broken .How do we get through this any ideas ?

I lost my father on Friday 29th September 2017 @ 09:15am, the day is and always will be ingrained in me. Through the subsequent months I’m slowly coming to terms with his absence. But I do know those that pass on, never leave us completely, they are there in our dreams, they are they with each breath that we take, at the moment it will seem raw, but I faith in a higher power, because they do live on, albeit in another form. Live your life through their hopes and wishes, be the best you can, so they can look down and be so proud that they will never fade from your memory. Hope this helps. Nilesh

Sorry to hear about your father hope you find some peace soon.Thanks Nilesh your right it does still feel raw the pain is so intense I try not to think about it but it comes in waves and takes over .I just miss her so much and feel so numb with the shock.

I lost my Dad in February and I am now realising it does not stop hurting, I will not stop crying and feeling sad. But I do realise that it’s ok to feel that. He was and will always be the most amazing man I have ever and will ever know, so I will always miss him.
So at some point accept it’s ok to cry and miss someone you loved so much