Lost my Mu.

I lost my Mum 5 weeks ago after a 2 year illness with cancer. She was 93 and only lost her mobilty 9 months ago. We cared for her at home. I keep hearing her voice and the house feels so empty. I feel like I push thoughts of my mum away because I am not sure I am ready to process everything that’s gone on but just taking one day at a time.


My thoughts are with you. I lost my mum middle of May this year. She was 90 and had cancer for 5 years. She had gone into a home a year prior to her passing, because I couldn’t look after her any more. I hope you are managing one day at a time and be kind to yourself. I have never experienced anything as difficult as this in my whole life. It consumes you every day, but I am keeping myself busy (distracted) and reading books about grief, visiting her grave, and just letting myself grieve. It is very very tough, but remember the good times and her beautiful memories. We just have to take every day steady. As others will tell you, there is no easy way around this. xx