Lost my mum 2 days ago to Flu

I lost my mum 2 days ago after a week in hospital am trying to process it but sometimes I feel ok others I just cry. I have no close family my sister was around when she was dying but I have not heard from her since it happened. I feel so alone although my kids have been lovely but I feel empty scared a bit lost to be honest. It was best thing for my mum as she was not able to enjoy life in the way she had previously but selfishly for me I am finding it hard as we were very close. Any suggestions. x

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Dear @Lisa58

I am sorry to hear of the loss of your mum. I see that you are new here, I hope you will find the Community of support and comfort to you.

One of the most difficult parts of a bereavement can be the feelings of loneliness that comes with it, nothing can prepare you for it.

Sue Ryder has a Grief Guide that contains useful information to help you understand and cope with your bereavement and grief, explore your emotions and feelings and hear from others experiencing grief. When you are ready, it would be worth taking a look at along with the following resources.

Cruse Bereavement have advice on how to cope with the Loneliness . It would be worth having a read to see how it can help you and support you.

You can also connect with members who have been in a similar situation as yourself by typing ‘Loneliness’ and ‘Loss of Parent’ in the search bar above. The support here is amazing.

I do hope the above will be of help to you. Please continue to reach out and take care of yourself. You are alone, we are all here for you.

Take Care.


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