Lost my mum 5 weeks ago

I lost my best friend my mum 5 weeks ago to ovarian cancer. She wasn’t diagnosed until end of Feb beginning of March and feel asleep on 28th April. God it’s hard it feels like my right arm has been cut off. Ive never felt anything like this. She was 81 but was not a frail old lady far from it which makes it harder to deal with. Is there a light at the end of this grieving tunnel? I hate hearing about other people’s mum and being older than mine, which I know is mean as it’s their parents at the end of the day. I don’t know enough about cancer and can it really happen this quick or was there more the doctors could have done ? X

Hi bailey,
My mum die of cancer but of a sudden brain haemorrhage last june. She was reasonably fit and active, did all my childcare and was hilariously funny.
The shock still hasnt gone. My mum was only 74 but she was the youngest of 6 and her siblings are all on their mid to late 80s, live independently and are still very much enjoying life. You areng the only one who hates to hear of people who are much older being alive when our mums arent.
We are allowed to feel like this. Take things one day at a time and dont expect too much of yourself
Cheryl x

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My mum didnt die of cancer I meant to say

Hi Cheryl
Thankyou for coming back to me with your message I really appreciate it. Bad morning today, struggling, I feel I’m trying to rush everything to get through these bad times. I just wish someone could tell you how long, but of course no one can, being round my dad and their home is also very hard as everything is a reminder of mum :heartpulse: x