Lost my mum a year ago next month

My mum was ill for 4 years bedridden with constant vomiting, Diahorea and orally in and out of hospital .They gave him intravenous fluids to rehydrate then anti sickness did tests but couldnt find nothing wrong with her . She’d constantly sob asking me to help her it was exruciating as a healthcare worker i knew they werent doing enough investigations contacted the care quality commision to try to get her moved hospitals …asked to speak to someone from gastro to be told that wasnt possible . They even sent her for brain scans ?? On her last admission in january she was in for 2 weeks repeating same rehydrate …anti sickness and sent her home …within hours she got rushed back in screaming in pain to emergency admission she died next morning .when I pushed for an investigation and recieved the final report there had been massive failings to follow the early warning policy…escalation policy no documentation was written …no handover given and found out from the report that her bowl had exploded at 7.25pm and sepsis had set in and no one did anything until 9am nxt morning when they decided to prep her for surgery it was too late she went into cardiac then kept her alive with adrenaline till we were informed and got to say goodbye … I have spent the last 12 months trying to fight for justice i havent left my bed in that 12 months i have no family and live on my own as my son is away at university and am broken [edited by admin] .I have been diagnosed with complicated grief disorder and have not left my room or bed in all that time .i sob 24/7 i cant eat , sleep and all my doctor does is give me anti depressants .Ive never felt so lonely …empty and the pain is unbearable i pine for her 24/7 and just dont want to be here anymore

I found it incredibly hard coming up to the first anniversary of my dad’s death because it’s like you re-live it all over again. So sorry for you.

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Thank you joanne … Its heartbreaking when neglect n no compassion from the ppl u put ur trust in …murdered that i will never except x

I lost my mum a year ago next week I have been angry ever since her doctor let her down so did her chemist her consultant, but I havent the strength to take them all on, iam just angry all the time.

Aww janet im so sorry . If you have any documentation, proof turn that anger into action and fight it it will give you something to focus on my situation was a lot different than yours but i went full steam ahead with all mums discharge notes etc but i understand ppl deal in different ways you can get in touch with a place called healthwatch …look them up for your area they will give you some guidance and theres an organisation charity called AVMA look them up to they both offer really good free advice and support and if they cant help they’ll point you in right direction xx big hugs xx

Thank you so much I will give them a call x

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