Lost my mum and dad 4 days apart Aug 2020

Hi All,.
I lost my mum suddenly on 10aug and my dad on 14th Aug 2020, I was OK did funeral for both myself did everything property etc, funeral 28th Aug back to work 1st Sept. But the last week I have uncontrollable bouts of crying I just miss them so much, v supportive partner n kids, don’t know if to take time out from work or will make me. Worse, not sure, it’s the waves, they are hitting me harder and harder xxx

Gosh claire
That’s awful. I have lost both my parents but thank god, there was a 20 year gap in between them
I’m not coping well as it is so cant imagine how you are dealing with your parents death so close together

Bless you Claire, what a devastating time you have had/having. I think you have been on automatic pilot as you’ve been so busy arranging their funerals etc and now you are finally grieving. I can’t begin to imagine how you have coped with Losing both parents unexpectedly, it is incredibly cruel. I think, considering what you’ve been through you should get signed off from work and take care of yourself and allow yourself to heal. Xx

Hi Clare
So so sorry you have lost your Mum and Dad so close to one another. I cannot imagine how you are feeling. I how that you are being looked after and are looking after yourself too.

Big hugs

Caroline x

I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my dad in January 2018 and my mum March 2019. I used my work as my coping mechanism which ironically is dealing with estate administration as I am a paralegal. I got through it just but it’s so hard sometimes. I too had a great support from my husband, his family and my friends but I don’t think until you have lost a parent you can really understand the meaning of grief and coping day to day and reliving the days in your mind. It was worse for me when I went through all the boxes from the house I cried my eyes out even just last week got the last of the boxes as my nephew and his gf live in the house. It was like the final Chapter had ended. I still think about them Every day and when I hear music or see something that reminds me of them I either have a wee cry or I laugh and remember silly wee things. It does get easier I would say but there is always a part of you that feels like something is missing xx


So sorry to hear this. I’ve had a 6 year gap between losing my parents and I’m finding it a struggle, to have them so close together I feel for you. My ex went through a very similar situation just days apart. My mum passed away on the 6th august and I’m still finding the tears keep falling. I remember from my dad it does take time to clear and get through it all, and you find it gets easier without even realising it. Thinking of you. Xx

Hi Claire,
I’m so sorry for your loss. I lost my Dad last July and my Mum in February this year, both months from their 90th Birthdays which we were so looking forward to celebrating with our extended family… It is so damned difficult.
I’m still struggling ,to a lesser degree than 5 or 6 months ago but I would definitely recommend the Sue Ryder Bereavement Counselling service. I saw someone on TV talk about it and I have to say it has really helped me, although maybe not for everyone.
Two things we must remember 1. we all grieve differently and 2. There is no time scale for when we could or should feel easier. I’m still taking things day by day and keep postponing clearing their house as I don’t think I’m there yet.
Difficult times without this topsy turvy world we’re living in at the moment.

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