Lost my mum and not coping

I lost my mum 3 weeks ago today, it’s her funeral tomorrow. She was 54 and I’m 34, I keep getting so angry with those around me and I don’t mean to, I’m pushing people away is this normal? I’ve never had to experience grief before and mum was my go to person… I’m missing her so much


I am so sorry you have lost your mum. It is all a normal part of grief unfortunately that you are feeling angry. You are probably in disbelief and shock as it is such early days. I often find it difficult to believe I have lost my mum and I am just over a year.

Try to take tomorrow an hour at a time, you will get through the day somehow.


Just lost my wonderful 95 year old mum a day ago so not really had a chance to experience what life is going to be like without her. It’s easy to slip into the misconception that the people you love who are closest to you will always be there. your mum was still pretty young so I can understand how difficult that must be for you. I lost my dad when I was 13. He was 47. I’ve heard lots of people say they feel angry at the death of a close relative. Try to be more accepting of your remaining friends and relatives. I’m sure they are anxious to try to support and help you though this very difficult period in your life. If you can, open up to them and try to explain to them how you’re feeling. If they are true friends, they will take the time to listen. Maybe one or more of them have suffered the loss of a close family member and will be able to tell you how they handled their grief. It’s an age old cliche, but time does heal. It won’t take away the pain you feel at the moment, but you will slowly learn how to cope with it. Best wishes for a happier future.

My mom passed away the end of October this year we are all heartbroken she meant so much to us we where so close .it was unexpected she had health issues for many years some since she was a child .but we thought she would be okay she always was.and she was always so strong. and because she had her medications looked after her health.mom and us where wrong this time . I wish I could turn back time .the last day my mom was okay was when she went to the doctor’s .we have been sad crying alot but also times of anger as we think if she had a good doctor she would be with us today . We even blame ourselves.i really do feel like I need to get this anger out.I know I will have to find some way .my mom had so many plans for the future mostly for us her children grandchildren great grandchildren and even her home that’s what she was like put everyone first would go without to give to others since she was young . I do feel lost now from the morning I missed the first call before I spoke to my brother’s or sisters I new something happened to mom i went straight to the hospital I didn’t tell my children till that afternoon I left them in bed even though one had school I didident want them to know they where so close I just wanted to wait and phone and tell them its going to be okay i really didn’t want to believe it was all real .but the day after they turned the machines off I felt like a scared child .which I never was because mom was always there for me .even as a adult she was always there for us all no matter what. I think your family will understand I don’t know anyone on here but most of what I read I relate to .ive seen evey member of my family break down and they have seen me do it and some have said leave me alone but I will be here for them and they will be here for me and my children .I still don’t want to believe it to this day .

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