Lost my mum suddenly

Hi everyone. I am new on. I have been reading threads but was unable to post, but Priscilla has sorted me for me.
I lost my mum suddenly on 20th March this year.
I don’t live in UK anymore but my mum use to come out to see me twice a year for few months at a time until she got a dog.
My partner and myself flew home at Christmas to surprises the the oldies as we call them and rocked up on there doorstep wearing Christmas hats, singing merry Christmas, if I only knew that would be the last time I would see my mum again.
I miss her so much and our conversations.
The pain of something so stupid and now she is gone.
I being told I should move on and people won’t want to be socialize with me if I am miserable, my answers is always, not really feeling like waving my knickers in air at moment.
When do you stop looking for them, waiting for phone to ring, every night waiting for them to enter your dreams, just you know they there.
I cry when no one is around as then I don’t get the “you should be over this”
For over 25 years, it’s been mum and me and now I feel so alone, even with my partner.


Hi Paula. May I say how sad I am at your loss, but you are among friends who know how you feel. It’s very hard to bear the pain, and memories can be really persistent. It’s not entirely true that people don’t want to socialise with you if you feel miserable. It depends on the people. I have found kindness and help from friends and neighbours, You will surely find who your real friends are. You mum is there you know, and she will continue to give love and help you when you feel down. Love can never die. If it’s sincere and honest it’s indestructible, and even death can’t diminish it in any way. It’s a golden chain that binds us to our loved ones. As we draw the chain in we will meet again, of that I am certain. You will get more replies and everyone who does so knows how you feel. No ‘get over it’ nonsense here! Say what you like and how you feel. It’s so important to unload when you want to.
Blessings. Take care.


Thanks Jonathan for your kind words and yes definitely have to treasure all the memories we made.
My eulogy did say even death will not part us as I would always carry her in my heart and remember the memories we made.

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