Lost my mum to cancer

I lost my mum 10 months ago and I’ve been struggling as I live wihh my mums partner and shes not supportive or there for me in anyway, we don’t get on and I’m looking into moving out and in with my boyfriend. I also have a younger brother and sister, my sister has always been more independent and stronger than me, so she not struggling as much as me and my brother. I’ve tried focus all my attention on making my brother happy and ok and he’s so horrible with me, talk to me like rubbish all the time and I’m the only one who’s looking after him, and I get treated bad he keeps saying I’m trying to act like mum but I’ve never been any different with him I’ve always looked after him, I jus feel like I fail and want to give up, my heads such a mess I just don’t know what to do anymore :pensive:

Hello Rachael, don’t for one moment think you are or have failed, what you are having to deal with is everyone’s emotions from grieving and that includes yourself, so please don’t be hard on yourself. When you loss your mother it’s a big deal and you and your bother, plus your sister are having to process what life is going to be like from now on. Her partner is the same and I can imagine that all four of you are very different people, so dealing with this strange new world without her is hard. Grief is bad enough without life’s complications and the setup you are in will not make it easy. Life will seem better but for now grief is the major problem. Try to get out of the house as much as possible, fresh air and excise is always good for your mental state. I am sure there’s others on this site who have had similar problems but just at present I can’t point you to one, if you have the time have a look at other posts to see how people deal with their own problems which may have a bearing on your situation. Just remember we are always here for you. Take care and take each day as it comes. Blessings. S