Lost my mum

I lost my beautiful mum in January and it’s literally ripped my entire world appart. She was the only family member I have and I’m struggling to cope

Hello Dean,
I hope you’ll find some comfort and support on this forum. People on here understand how you feel.
It’s all very recent for you and probably still.a shock ?
Take your time and if you would like to tell us about your mum it may help you or others in a similar situation.
Wishing you well at this sad time. Sadme

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I’m definitely still in shock the funeral and everything was just a blur. Well my mum was a alcoholic, I wasn’t aware of how bad things were because she never told me and shut me out of her life she would go weeks and months without answering my calls. She died at home alone and I feel awful for her and will never imagine what she was going through. She would always say she was ok when I did make contact, I feel so lost and alone

Hi DWR, I’m sorry for the loss of your Mum. I lost my Mum suddenly just over four months ago from pneumonia and a heart attack. We lived together and I was her full time carer for 23 years.
I have no other family either. Somehow, one must plough on, until life begins to feel better. All you can do is take it hour by hour on the rough days. It’s not easy, but it will get better.
Keep posting on these forums, as it’s a great way of sharing grief.
Take care.

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Thank you for your message. I’m sorry to hear about your mum too, it’s not easy coming to terms with the fact they’re no longer around. I wasn’t really close to my mum in the last year of her life as she shut me out and wouldn’t answer calls. I did see her just before Christmas and she looked really frail, she told me she was doing really well, but now I know that wasn’t the case. We did share a cuddle and told each other we loved each other though. It’s a moment I will always treasure. I have three young children, and I’m finding it so difficult at the moment to carry on.

Mum and I had a huge agreement in the week running up to her death. We made it up, but an atmosphere unfortunately lingered.
Surprising, I told my Mum I loved her on the last time she was alive and with it. We weren’t the sort of family who were affectionate.
I suppose what I’m trying to say is life is not always perfect and there are not always perfect endings.
Hold onto the love.

It’s nice that you managed to make things up with your mum before she passed away. Me and my mum were close but due to her illness we didn’t speak so often I’d just see her over Christmas to exchange gifts and birthdays. I’m really comforted by your words, it’s true that not everything is perfect and there’s no perfect ending. She always told me she loved me and was proud, I will always hold onto the love and times we shared. Thank you, it’s nice to talk about it

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Hi Dean,
You are right to hold on to what your mum said and take comfort from it. She obviously loved you very much.
Take time to grieve for her in your own way. if you can find somebody impartial to talk to it may help.
I found family and friends wanted to help but often said things that really upset me, so I went to a counsellor. Not for everyone but I was desperate to talk. Sadme

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Thank you for your kind words. I have booked in with a counsellor for next Friday and I’m looking forward to getting it all out and off my chest. It’s helped alot talking on here aswel. I’m hoping eventually it will become a little easier with time