Lost my mum

I lost my beautiful brave mum on Thursday evening, and I’m absolutely heartbroken, I can’t see myself happy ever again.How do I carry on?

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All i can advise is take each minute at a time. Do whatever you feel you need to do. Im afraid i cant say how you carry on, i think it is different for everyone. We r all here to talk though, whenever u need it.

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My heart is breaking for you right now as I can relate to how you are feeling having lost my mum 12 weeks ago.
Every morning I wake up I say to myself that I have to face another day without her and ask her for strength to carry on with my day. Some days are better than other but don’t expect too much from yourself just now as no doubt you’ll feel dazed, confused, angry, grief stricken…all completely common when you’ve lost a precious loved one.

You may never be happy again in the way you were as things are just destroyed and I can’t ever see me being the person I used to be as my mum was my go to person for everything and without her I feel incomplete and lost to point I don’t recognise myself as person I was.
However after a while I am told that we become a new version of ourselves (we’ll never forget them) and will in time find a different form of happiness that we may be able to exist with.

Accept, grieve and do what feels right to you just now.
Blessings and thoughts go to you and your family,

Suzanne x