Lost my mum.

Mum passed 19th March from terminal cancer. She was in a care home but I spent her last week with her. We were always very close and I’d always visit (lockdowns aside) and just always had such a close bond with her. We talked every day on the phone when I couldn’t go see her. I had addiction issues and mum was one of the few people who never gave up on me. I got clean and now support others to do the same. Mum was always saying how proud she was…
She was in so much pain towards the end and I just feel heartbroken, lost and sad without her. Hoping things will get easier…


Hi Karl

I lost my mum to a sudden and unexpected cardiac arrest on 25th March. We were a team, always have been. Me and her against the world. We supported each other through lots of health issues etc.

She always said how proud she was of me and I was the best thing she’d ever done. How lucky are we to have had Mum’s that loved us that much, the pay off though is the huge pain that comes with that being taken away.

A friend of mine described since the loss of his father he feels like an untethered hot air balloon - thought that was a spot on description…

I hope you find posting here will help. I am.

Do you have other people around you etc, or want to tell us more about your Mum?

best, Beki