Lost my mum

Today has been my worst day didnt even leave my bed been really down

Dear June,
I am so sorry you’re feeling so bad.
I hope coming to this site helps you.
Do you have anybody you can talk to? Maybe somebody you can phone if you don’t feel able to go out?
Lots of hugs, Jx

Hi June,

I’m really sorry that you’re having such a difficult time at the moment and you’ve had your worst day ever. Grief can be completely overwhelming & I’ve certainly had days where I couldn’t see any point getting out of bed.

How are you today?

Trudy x

Hi Trudie today has not been bad ive went back to work to try and get back to normalty what ever that is sundays are the worst thats one off the days i spent the whole day with my mum .ive got a lot going on with the care home mum was in plus i have mums ashes sitting im my draws as am not ready to part with them just yet.Thanks for keeping in touch with me ive got so much i need to get off my chest but just dont know were to start x

Yes I know what you mean about Sundays, they can be incredibly long and difficult.

I find the best way is to just start typing & the rest takes care of itself June x

Thanks trudie x