lost my mum

Hi my mum died a week ago from cancer. She went into a hospice for support with pain and never came out. Still can’t quite take it in, I feel exhausted and in the afternoons there’s this awful brain fog and heavy feeling. I am starting a new freelance project in a couple of weeks and I have no idea hiw
my brain will cope with it…Is this normal?


Yes it’s a normal feeling. Our moms are our first teachers in life. We could do anything as long as we had their support.
Now it is the time we have to put on our big girl panties. Be the strong woman your mama raised and do your presentation.

I know you miss her dearly, just try to make her proud!

I completely understand :broken_heart:

I lost my Mum to cancer 2 weeks ago, her funeral is tomorrow. She also passed in the hospice. It all happened so fast.

Just wanted you to know you’re not alone x

I’m so sorry you lost your mum so recently as well. I really appreciate you reaching out as it must be very hard for you too. I’ve just been surprised by how hard it’s hit me because she had had lung cancer for a year and we watched her decline, but the last few weeks were so so quick.

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Thanks for the encouragement. Yes, whenever I feel awful i do try to remind myself that my mum wants me to carry on and enjoy life.

I hear you :heart:
There is anticipatory grief and then there is grief. They are both horrendous but they are different and when our loved one passes, we switch.
No amount of time could have prepared us for losing them x