Lost my mum

I saw my mum Christmas day the first time in years as I had moved away. She was so happy and we had a lovely day together. Boxing day I called her and she said she was feeling very ill but would call the doctor in the morning The next day I called no reply after several frantic phone calls someone went to mums where they found her on the floor where she had died. The shock is overwhelming and I am trying to deal with the funeral arrangements alone at a distance I feel so alone and burst into tears at a drop of a hat. My partner tries to comfort me but that makes me cry more and I think he is getting tired of my tears and the constant talk of funeral arrangements etc. On top of all that I’m trying to deal with mums executors who seem to think I can travel up and down the country at their convenience. I hasten to add I have now inherited mums two dogs on top of my three. I have no one to care for them and my partner is disabled. I feel like screaming, please tell me this will get better soon.

I really hope things get better hunni. I lost my mum on New Year’s Day so things are still at that really raw stage.
I don’t know what to offer as advice babe but all I’m trying to do is dig deep and find that inner strength from somewhere whilst still allowing myself to cry.
Good luck and sending lots of love

Well we buried mum with dad on Friday and I have very mixed feelings. Part of me is hurting more than ever as I will never see her again and the other part of me is saying she is at peace now with dad. I am still hurting as much as ever but I know my mum was watching over me at the funeral. I take things day by day but feel my life is on hold, I can’t concentrate on anything or make decisions and trust myself at the moment. I don’t know how long this will last for I just keep thinking I wish she was here to talk to.

Oh darling try not to put a time on things. It’s hard as we just want to know when will we feel better. But talk to mum she can hear you and listen to your heart for her answers.
Thinking of you darling I know exactly what you are going through xxx