Lost my niece

I loved my niece I was there when she came into the world and just after she left it. I held her. No one seems to appreciate how the loss of a child not your own can hurt. I miss her everyday. I can’t bear the pain even after 10 years I think its getting worse.
I just looked for a place for grieving aunts to talk and I hope this is it.
Thank you x

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Dear Mij

Thank you for putting your thoughts on here, and welcome to our community. I’m sorry you are grieving your niece and it hurts so much even after ten years. There are those rare and special people who are irreplaceable in our lives and your niece was this person to you. How lucky she was to have you, and how much you must miss her.

I’m not a counselor and that’s not my job on here, but I am tempted to ask if you are alone, feeling unwell perhaps, or like many of us worn down and isolated in this Covid world. Don’t be afraid to find help, if you apply now to our counselling line and sign up, although there is a short waiting time. I’m sure they can help, or the Samaritans.

Keep reaching out, there are some good people on here who suffer too. You are not alone.

best wishes