Lost my partner & now best friend

I lost my partner on 05/08/18 and since then my best friend and I have grown apart. She admitted tonight it was because she didn’t know how to approach it and she’s happy in a new relationship and he has 2 kids. They’ve created a beautiful bond. But what she doesn’t understand is i’m extremely happy for her, she deserves to be happy, she’s one of the kindest people I know. But she chose to forget me. Of all the people I expected her to be there. I’ve pretty much lost everyone. I only have Chris and my parents.

I don’t think she forgot you. Some people just don’t know what to say and she has told you that. Tell her you are happy that she is happy but that you can’t hep being sad. I think she does understand but cannot tell you that - precisely because her life is now so happy and yours cannot be. P.S. I have just lost my Mum and a best friend, so fully how you feel - it is tough and lonely.