Lost my partner on Monday

Lost my partner very suddenly and unexpectedly on Monday. I have incurable cancer and he was one of the fittest and strongest people I have ever known. We had expected it to happen around the other way, but he had a heart attack and was gone so quickly. Now I am lost myself. I have 2 dogs who I love dearly, but feel their loss just as much as mine. Feel more vulnerable than I have at any stage on my cancer journey, because my rock has been removed. Not sure how I am going to cope without my other 50%. We were not always on the same wavelength, but maybe because of that still made a great team. Heart is broken.


So sorry to here of your loss.
It is very recent and you will be feeling upset and suffering :broken_heart: from the shock of losing your loved one.
I can only say take time to reflect cry shout do whatever if helps to make you feel better. Most people on this webdite are going through the same as yourself all at different stages.
I have been 6 months and all i can say somedays i feel upset down and other days not so bad. I cry most days but it is not as intense as the earlier days.
Learning to live on your own as one not sure it is easy but i survive to face the next day
Look.after yourself

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Thank you and sorry, that is so very young. I am lucky to have many friends and family, plus still have my mum and stepdad. They are all wonderful, but have their own lives and problems to cope with. Just wish I could have gone first.

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I’m so sorry that you’re going through all this @DeBarkle . I can’t even begin to imagine what it must be like for you. I’m glad you have such good support, and hopefully you’ll find comfort from this network of people who you can share your thoughts and feelings with. We are all united in our grief.
Take care xx


I’m so sorry you are going through this :heart::cry:

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