Lost my Partner

I lost my partner of 25 years 15 weeks ago on Tuesday.I still cry everyday find it so hard to talk to people about it when stopped in the street .I cannot sleep in our house anymore staying with my elderly mum on the floor.The memory of her last couple of hours haunt me not being able to help her.The look of terror in her eyes and pleading for help

Hi @Timebomb, I’m Seaneen, the online community manager. I can see that this is the first time you’ve posted. I am so sorry for the loss of your partner - I hope you find the community to be a support.

I wanted to share our Losing a Partner section with you. Here you can find threads from people who will understand what you are going through:

You might also find our Supporting Yourself Through Grief pages helpful: https://www.sueryder.org/how-we-can-help/bereavement-information/support-for-yourself

It sounds like the loss of your partner has been very traumatic for you. I’m sure many of our members will relate to how you’re feeling. Please do consider reaching out for further support if these feelings are overwhelming, such as talking to your GP. You deserve help and support.

Take good care

Thank you Seaneen.I have been in contact with my Doctor today got a apoint Monday week

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Well done @Timebomb on making an appointment - taking that step can be hard. I hope it’s helpful, and our community are here to support you, too.


Just wanted to send you a virtual hug.

I lost my partner suddenly in Feb and been struggling too. Am the same I won’t stay at my house at the moment. Such a horrible feeling.

I hope you get some help from your Gp.

Take care Claire x

It is Claire so hard at the moment .Least got somewhere to go