Lost my partner

Hello is anyone online at the moment

Kenny, I’m here. Are you still online?

Yes im here

Hope you so sorry ive missed your message hope you are still there ???

Hello are you still there ? Im really am so sorry ive missed your message earlier.

Take care maybe contact again hopefully x

Hi Kenny, I am here.

Tell us about yourself and your partner. We will be here for you.

Hello everyone ive just lost my partner and soulmate of 18yrs on saturday 16th just days ago it was sudden she was 57yrs old and im completely heartbroken many years ago I was married for 22yrs and lost my wife she was 47 yrs old also lost my son who was 22yrs old due to a motorbike accident that was 7yrs ago im completely devastated I am 59yrs old work full time and live in Rothwell,Northamptonsbire.


My goodness. You have suffered. You have been through this before. You know it’s going to be really bad in these early days. I do hope you have some support. It must feel as though god is picking on you. Stay with us. There is normally someone here who understands. Xx. Sandra


Thank you so much.

@Kennym I’m so sorry you have yet another death to get through. Those early days are horrific and it does take all our strength to get up. You have been through a lot of losses and that’s a huge kick in the teeth. Some days you just have to question life! I admire those that keep going. I am 58, so appreciate that you have a lot of life still to live. You have also shown that you have the strength to do it, as you have been here before.

I just can’t fathom why some people go through so much and others don’t. Life is beyond me. I’m nearly 8 months in and question everything with no answers. It’s hard, as I like to know why, and that, I will never know.

There are a lot of people here who can support you. This sight is invaluable for that.

Keep reaching out. Take it an hour at a time and embrace the grief, let it all out.
All I can say is, I’m sorry this has happened to you again.

@Kennym I am so sorry that you are going through this horrendous journey and that you have had so many love ones go. Life indeed is unfair and so cruel. We have been robbed of our future plans and dreams and your love ones have been robbed of their future. All our grief is unique to us and I guess that all of your losses have been unique to you. Keep reaching out on here as most of us are such a support. Take care and big hugs xx

Thank you for your kind words and please keep in touch you take care x if you are still awake and want to chat/msg then please do if not hopefully will catch up later goodnight

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Yeah I’m on line… ken

Hope your as good as can be expected.

If you would like to chat let me know if not take care x

Hi Kenny, I am up again. Don’t seem to sleep much these days. I am so sorry for your loss and for me it seems to be worse at night. If you need to chat I am around. I have just lost my husband and the pain is unbearable. I think I am good at showing a brave face to people around me but inside I am falling apart. I am new to this forum and people on here have been absolutely amazing and given me some comfort and support when I have felt at rock bottom. Take care, you are not alone in your grief. Xx

Hello im heartbroken and cant sleep and havent much for 4 or 5 days its really awful are you still there ?

Really sorry ive missed you hopefully catch up soon take care x