Lost my partner

My partner died on the 19th of January after a long illness. He had COPD. He wanted to die at home but neither of us thought it would be such a rapid decline. I know I respected his wish to die at home but watching him struggle to breathe was so heartbreaking to watch and I can’t stop seeing it i my head.
I loved him so much.


Sorry for your loss

My partner went through end of life from terminal cancer and I nursed through her illness and end of life at home, so i can relate

No real words of comfort - difficult as it was and is, you honoured his final wishes and that’s best you can do in these impossible, soul destroying situations


Thank you for your kind words. So sorry for your loss.

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Just had a meltdown. Found his wallet and his slippers. What am I going to do without him.
I keep thinking abut his last hours and when he said I am going to die and I’m frightened. I can’t stop crying he was the love of my life.


I lost my husband on the 26th Jan, he is still with the coroner, every time I get that way, I have to stop thinking about him, the only way I am managing to get through this is by only thinking an hour ahead, nothing about the future, the summer, holidays, nothing, because then I don’t know how I’ll cope without him he was 69 and he died suddenly and unexpectedly, it was a total shock, this is the only way I’m getting thru this time xxx