Lost my son 3.6.22

How do I move on from losing my 20yr old son.
I’ve been off work for a few months now. How do you return to work the person you was before?
I’m due back but not yet. Yes works keeps me busy. But busy is good, as when my son passed. Ive been doing everything non stop everyday. But when I stop. I get dragged to a place I can’t cope with.
I feel numb inside as thou I’m just existing now till my days end.

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@Fiesty1977 my heart breaks for you, sending you a big hug, I carnt even begin to imagine what your going through, just take one day at a time
When we lose a loved one, that is our world, our everything, that life has gone, its a different life we have know, a life we didn’t want but in there memory we have to try to live again for them.

I lost my precious Mam 9 weeks ago, she was everything to me, I cared full time for her aswell for the past 3 years & she was truly my best friend. My heart aches for her everyday :broken_heart:
I found comfort listening to podcasts that feature julia samuel she’s a fantastic grief counsellor and helps you understand all the raw feelings you have
Your son will be watching over you like I hope to think my mam is, I’m always asking my mam to give me a sign, still waiting though :sweat:
Always here for a chat

Thanks, for replying Jane.

I will look for her podcast. Will try anything at the moment.

So sorry about your mam. She will be sending you little unknown signs I’m sure she will.

I have lost my soul mate, my go to person. He always called me his tough cookie momma so that’s what I’m trying to. I aint cried fully only little bits, while on my own. I aint a Cryer but I have. Just feels so unreal don’t it?



@Fiesty1977 yes it’s just so hard to get your head around when you lose somebody you love so much, I still carnt believe shes gone and il never see her again :broken_heart:
To lose your child, omg my heart breaks for you.
Keep in touch if you ever need a chat
Big hugs

It’s difficult to lose anyone who is close to you. I feel you I really do, I lost my mum 8 years ago. And that was so hard to come to terms with. But losing my son I never in my wildest dreams would I think this would happen. We think we are going to go before our kids. There is so much I cannot get my head around. Always up for a chat to x

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Take care of yourself
Hope you have a restful night :crescent_moon:

You are right, losing a parent is heart rendering but it is the order of things. Losing a child takes bereavement pain to a whole new level. A level that is unimaginable until you are in it.
I lost my daughter last year, she was 42.
I am trying to focus on the happy times, the laughter, the fun etc. it helps lift my heart and the knowledge she would want me to have a happy life drives me on.
A bit of me went with her but I concentrate on what is left of me and moving forward positively.
I do hope you can do the same in time. It is within your power. Dig deep and remember he will always be alive in your heart and soul.
Take care. :kissing_heart:

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Wendy I’m so sorry for the loss of your daughter.

My son was everything to me. He was my actual go to person. I could talk to him about anything and everything. I have another older son who is my whole world to and we are so close. But my J omg my life is shattered. I wake up shaking every morning my body convulses. Just hate this feeling. :unamused: :broken_heart: I totally understand what your saying they wouldn’t want us to be unhappy. But how can we be happy anymore. X

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Amid the heat. I had a ok night. Just the waking up and having to drudge through the day I hate. Hope you slept well to.

Hello Feisty
I am a bit further down the line than you and earlier on I did feel that I could never, ever be happy again.
As time has gone on I realise that there is a bit of me, deep in my soul, that will never be happy again, but, the rest of me needs to move on. I can hear my daughter egging me on to live my life and enjoy the things I have.
Some days are really hard, I wake up sobbing and go to bed sobbing but that passes.
She is always in my head and heart but sometimes that makes my heart sing rather than hurt when I remember the fun times, her beautiful smile and kind soul.
I do hope you can get to this place very soon.
Please be kind to yourself.

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