Lost my soul mate suddenly

There are no words to express the pain I am feeling. Mark my husband of died suddenly last week, he was 56 , no illness . It has devastated mine , my stepson and the whole family, but I am so scared I can’t do this without him , I really don’t want to go on but have to find strength from somewhere as I am very close to my stepson. We have amazing friends around but without being selfish I just want him ! He was my world, my soul mate, best friend and we were having so much fun after meeting up again 9 years ago.

Him sorry for your loss my partner of 25years died suddenly in May this year and believe me I know the pain you are having you will find the strength from somewhere believe me Robert was my world and I’m finding it hard to do everyday things but I’m just taking each day as it comes just try and keep yourself busy it does take your mind off things Robert is on my mind from morning until night I’ve now went back to work so that occupies some of my day just remember he will always be in your heart like Robert is in mine just try and remember the happy memories you have it won’t take your pain away but it does help I’m here anytime you need to talk I also go for counciling which I think helps me also take care x

Hi I can’t imagine how devastated you must feel and I’m so very sorry for your loss. My husband passed away last May he was my world! I miss him every day. I didn’t think I’d survive without him but somehow I have. We somewhow find the strength to face each new day. It’s not eas; it’s a different way of life, but you will get through it. Just remember grief is a roller coaster, there’s no switch to turn it off and everyone grieves in their own way. Take your time, cry if and when you want to. Talk to your husbsnd that always helps. Counselling will help too. Take care. Hugs x

Thank you libby, I do talk to mark every day and I do find he is giving me strength from somewhere. I have a fantastic network of friends but still feel so alone. I appreciate your reply xxxxx

Hi My husband was a week from his 60th birthday and only popped into the garden to do a wee job before our Valentine’s day dinner. He collapsed - this was Friday and on Sunday he was officially dead. We were married for 38 and half years. I feel your pain and I know how hard it is to go on and there will be very tough times ahead. It is 2 and half years for me and I talk to him every day and miss him desperately. My family have helped me, especially my grandchildren, and if you have friends and family supporting you then you will get through this. You will be changed but you will get through it. Never feel selfish and be kind to yourself and don’t expect too much of yourself - not advice just a suggestion. Take care. x

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