lost soulmate

HI i lost my soulmate in january we were married for 54 years iam surronded by people but lonley and lost ok all day keep buisy but when that door shuts of an evening and u r alone were do u go not been out for 18 months because of shildeing only to take Fran to hospital for chmo so it becumes a habit of not going out thanks for listning be good be safe

Hi 176alvin. I am so sorry for your loss I lost my husband last April to covid we had known each other for 40yrs and married for 32. As you say you can keep yourself busy during the day and have people family around you but when the evening comes and you shut the door you are alone and don’t have anyone to talk too. I am so glad I found this community here who all understand what we are going through. Take care.

Hello @176alvin. So sorry to hear of your loss. It is bewildering when we find ourselves lost after losing a partner. We are all going through the same feelings and you will be able to express how you feel on this site, taking comfort in the posts here. What you feel is totally normal.
Blessings. x