Lost two family members

I’m here because I lost two family members in June - my sister (who I wasn’t very close to tbh - she was younger than me and had a young family) and my Uncle (who I was, and we were in constant daily communication). Both lived hundreds of miles from me. As we are shielding - my son is severely disabled - we couldn’t go to funerals or participate in any part of the “after death” process. In fact, my remaining family have cut us off completely - they don’t recognise “shielding” as a valid reason, and sad to say, I think they think I’d be interested in his estate or something so we’ve been cut off. I don’t care about any of that. I just miss them. I’m finding it hard to get my head around this twisted mindset.

Losing someone suddenly is so hard. Its like a light being turned out. Never to be turned on again.

I’m minded of the quote though, by the Late Terry Pratchett:
“Do you not know that a man is not dead while his name is still spoken?”
― Terry Pratchett, [Going Postal]
I have to keep talking about them, or I feel they will never have existed. The hard part is, there’s no-one to speak to.

Hello Teaser. I’m sorry for your losses and also your other problems. As if grief on its own isn’t enough. I like your Terry Pratchet quote very much. I hadn’t heard it before but it is so absolutely true. Keep talking - were here to listen. Xx

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Thanks Kate - that helps.