I lost my wife on 24 th April 2020.She was ok up to 6 Th April 2020 .From 6 th April she said to me she was feeling very dizzy and will not be able to come to work.I rang my GP and was told that she needs emergency blood test which was organised for Wed and the blood results were with Doctor and i was told on same day that her blood count was low and she was low in iron and was told that she needs blood transfusion which was organised for 10 th April .When she arrived at hospital she was told that she does not require blood transfusion but she needs iron fusion.So Iron fusion was done on 10 th April and was told that she will get better in a weeks time.She did not get any better and day by day she was getting weaker and losing appetite for food .She did not get any better and on 19 th April she was in a bad state so we had to ring for Ambulance and when they came she was in a bad state.They stabilized her and took her to hospital .Next day on 20 th they did her body scan and we were told that she has liver cancer. We were shocked to hear the bad news and we had meeting with the consultants and were told that they cannot do much as cancer had spread out to other parts of body.She passed away on 24 th April.They were no sigs of cancer at all.
As this happened so fast I am going through a lot.Thinking about my wife everyday.Could iron fusion triggered the cancer cells to travel so fast in her other parts of body. or could it be that her body was poisned with iron fusion. I need some help

Mike 3053

Hi Mike,

I am so sorry of the sudden loss of your wife. That is so sad.

No, the iron fusion would not have caused the cancer to spread to other parts of her body, it seems from what you have written is that she had primary liver cancer and by the time it was diagnosed, it had already spread to other parts of the body, it is very sad, at this forum you will find people who have been in a similar situation to you and who will want to help you, so please keep writing messages here.

Hello Mike, I am so sorry for the loss of your wife and the trauma you experienced at the hospital. I’m no expert on medical issues but what Abdullah has said sounds very feasible. However, the circumstances are very likely to leave you with more questions than answers and when you are grieving that doesn’t help you.
Unfortunately there is little I can say to help you other than to try and find your inner strength and take each hour/day at a time. Best wishes, AL

Welcome milco to a community of caring people. I am sorry to hear of your loss, made worse by the suddenness of it. Something similar happened to me 18 months ago.
You will have a lot to cope with over the coming months and years, and doubts about your wife’s illness won’t help.
I suggest you talk to your GP, and get him or her to explain it to you in detail. Then put that aspect aside, and concentrate on the future and what it holds for you.