Lost wife of 38 years after hospital error

Lost my wife 2 years ago after a hospital caused her to suffer a fatal heart attack due to not treating a high potassium reading in the allotted time guidelines. We moved to a purpose built adapted apartment for my wife who was disabled due to diabetes. 6 months later she was gone. I am now stuck in a town I do not know, with no friends whatsoever and I simply cannot get over what the hospital did to the loveliest person you could know. People told me that things would improve with time, it has not. I cannot get it off my mind and I am a 6 ft, 18 stone guy who is in tears most days. My life is wrecked and I feel that it should of been me, as she did not deserve what they did to her. Don’t know what I’m going to do now. I’m lost and have no purpose. I had a purpose before, caring for my wife, but she is now gone and I have no reason to be here.

Hello, I’m so sorry this happened to you. Are you taking legal action? There’s an organisation called Action for Victims of Medical Accidents who can help you can google them. Have you had specialist counselling? It’s much harder after a mistake has been made. The only suggestion I can make that might help is to pursue some sort of complaint that might help you to find answers and be re-assured that those responsible will not do the same thing again. It’s so very hard. I can only say that I am thinking of you. Christie

Dear @garyajb, I am so sorry you have lost your lovely wife and that you’re still struggling. My dad had high potassium a few times, I once had to drive for an hour on the motorway at night, speeding, to get home as my dad was having a heart attack due to high potassium and then had to wait more than an hour more whilst the ambulance came, thankfully he survived that, and I am so so sorry your wife didn’t. @Christie has given some good advice, on holding the hospital to account, but I appreciate it can also be very stressful, it has been more than 6 months and I still haven’t lodged a complaint against the hospital after the way they treated my dad.

We are here anytime you need to talk.

Gary that is just awful, I don’t have any good advice as I would feel helpless in such a situation and its hard to say you should take the hospital to court, from losing my husband I know just the struggle to keep doing basic activities to live is already too hard often.

I think its good you posted here, please keep posting. take care.

Thank you for your kind reply. The hospital admitted the error and after a harrowing 2 day inquest they paid compensation although they reduced it greatly saying that with her illness she would not have lived many more years anyway! Disgusting I think. Although the compensation has helped, I would give it all away plus an arm and leg if I could have her back. I don’t think I will ever get over what happened in that hospital. Thanks once again for your and everyone else’s kind replies. Gary.

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