Lost without her

I have recently lost my daughter to cancer at the tender age of 22, I’m really struggling and find life unbearable now, can anyone help?



I have not lost a child but wanted you to know how sorry I am this has happened to you.

For the moment just hold on tight.

Dear Heather

After reading your sad post about losing your daughter to cancer at only 22, I sat for quite a while unable to imagine the depth of your pain, and knowing the future must seem bleak and without hope for you. I couldn’t just read and pass by your message, so I can only offer my sympathy and support you here. If you want to say more, to tell your story then I and I’m sure many others will listen. You feel alone, and that is natural, but you’re not, even though we aren’t with you in person.

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Dear Michael

Thank you so very much for your message, it means a lot and your right the pain is unimaginable and the future is so bleak, I take it hour by hour and keep trying to push through another day.
My daughters cancer was so aggressive from diagnosis to the angels taking her was 5 weeks, it all began with a pain in her shoulder.
She has left 2 small children and I know I need to go for them but it’s so unbelievably hard and as each day passes its getting harder and the ache inside me 9s crushing me.
Thank you for your kind words x

Thank you x

Dear Heather, I’m grateful my words showed you that others care and understand. You had such a little time to take in your daughter was so ill before you lost her, that alone is earth shattering. However, two little children who carry so much of her in them must mean so much, keep them close, they need you and your support for them is what your daughter would have wanted. I am a lady by the way, called Miche for short. Thinking of you. x

Hi Heather45

I am so sorry for your loss.

I lost my 25 year old daughter 12 weeks ago. It was sudden and she had a blood clot on her lung. It’s desperately sad that beautiful young people have been taken away. The grief and sorrow are deep. Sometimes it’s so hard to get through the day. I have found being on hear helpful as most friends and family have moved on and they don’t really understand what it is like to loose a child.

I hope that you find comfort on here from being around people who understand the loss you are going through. Grief is like the weather the storm clouds come in then the rain and briefly the sun comes out and then it starts again. Look after yourself.



Thank you so very much for taking the time to message me, especially with all you are going through.
To be able to chat to another mum who sadly is going through the same torture as me, brings me some much needed support.

I am so sorry for what you to are going through, it’s the worst thing in the world anyone can go through.

Can I ask what was your daughters name?

I am happy to give you my mobile number, so you can message, anytime you like to, let me know if you would like that?

I only had 5 weeks from diagnosis to the angels taking my baby, so not as sudden as your loss but still really quickly…

Please keep in touch

Sending love xxx