Lost without my mum

I lost my mum to cervical cancer two months ago she was aged 67. I am a only child and she was no longer with my dad and I don’t have contact with him therefore I cared for her at home with my husband and two teenage children, until she was admitted into a hospice. I then spent two weeks by her bedside with the help of friends and family. I was with her when she found her wings. I coped well with the caring side and the funeral, I even carried her coffin however since then I have crumbled. I returned to work but cry on the way to work and on the way home. I cry all the time, I’m sort tempered and do not recognise the person I have become. I feel alone and scared even though I have a wonderful husband who supports me , my children are finding it incredibly hard as well. I don’t want to work I don’t want to stay at home I don’t want to laugh I don’t want to
laugh I don’t want to do anything except see my mum. I’m on sleeping tablets and my doctor thinks I have fibromyalgia brought on by the shock . Is this all normal to feel this way.

You only have one mum and to lose them even though they are at peace is the greatest hurt on the planet and I can’t come to terms with it and I don’t think I ever will

Sorry for your loss. I think any reaction is normal to having your world turned upside down and the life you have always known taken away. I think sometimes it’s worse after everything is sorted as you have nothing to keep going for or do for your loved one that’s when it hit again and you go through another process I think You also look around thinking how can life just go on without this person why isn’t everyone else’s lives on hold like mine. Take it easy be kind to yourself always here if you want a chat x

Hello Sam. I’m so sorry to hear that about your Mum. Your pain is obvious and very real and I’m convinced that losing Mum is the worse pain that anyone will have to go through. (still feeling that way after my Mum passed away a few weeks ago) I do know that everyone’s grief process, coping mechanism is unique. There’s no right or wrong way to cope or deal with how you’re feeling. Right now, it still feels like no-one on this planet will ever truly understand just how brutally painful it feels to deal with such a tragic loss. I’ve felt like that lots of times, almost angry that others don’t share the same feeling.
Since I lost my Mum, I still feel like I’m in shock. My head’s a mess, and emotionally raw. I care for my Dad who’s got Alzheimer’s. He doesn’t remember her even after 65years. I cry every day.
So please don’t worry about “normal” . Nothing in this Universe is “normal” .
Take good care of yourself because “You” are all that matters at this unbelievably sad time.
Good luck.
Malcolm (Minty).

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Minty that’s so sad all this heart ache surrounds you.
It’s comforting to know I’m not going mad and others feel the same because you start to question yourself .
Stay brace and strong , much love Sam x

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I honestly look around and think why is everyone happy and laughing how is everyone getting on with their day to day life’s.i don’t know how to act or who I am anymore . Xx

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Same I was doing ok as I had a week off sorting things out and then today went to sort his post out at his house bang hit me again like a brick it’s everything you have ever known just turned upside down everything as you no it x

Hi Sam
I lost my Mum last November so suddenly, and Im devastated.
You touched on something I totally relate to saying you don’t know how to act. I’m the same all of a sudden I feel what do next where do I turn?
Grief scares us so much
Take care

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