I was with my partner for 11 years, he passed away with cancer aged 28, 11 months ago. We have a young daughter 4 years old and it’s so difficult, I feel lonely without him. I don’t have many friends or a big family, and sometimes the only contact I have is with people at work, but unfortunately that isn’t always a positive experience. He was my best friend and always helped me, without him I feel lost, I miss everything about him and especially being a family with our little girl.

Hi Heather, I’m so sorry to hear that you have lost your partner at such a young age, and while your daughter is so young. It sounds as though you are feeling very isolated in your grief, and I’m glad that you’ve found this site, as it’s really important to have somewhere to talk openly about your feelings. There are many others here who have lost partners and will understand some of what you are going through.

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There is also an organisation called Widowed and Young that I have seen quite a few people recommend - they have an online support forum a little like this one, but with more focus on connecting you with people in your local area so that you can meet up.

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Hello Heather,
I do hope that you find some comfort by joining this forum. It is helping me such a lot. Your partner was so young, it must be agony for you, I understand that you feel lonely. I hope that having your little girl brings you some comfort.
I am glad that you have joined us, here you will receive sympathy and understanding.
MaryL x

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Thank you for your kindness. My little girl is the reason I keep going, she’s looks a lot like him. I just miss him so much, the pain is awful and knocks me sick. He was my best friend and I miss his voice and he always made me feel better. It doesn’t get any easier, I feel like you just have to hide the pain as time goes on.

hi Heather
very sorry for the loss of your partner.i hope you can find ways to cope and stay strong for your daughter.and you are able to get support from your family and the friends you have.
just know that there are plenty of caring people on this site ,who would gladly try give you an ear to listen to what ever you feel the need to say,and of course give you a little comfort.if you ever need any help just ask.
regards ian

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