Hi, I’m new to this site. I lost my partner suddenly to a heart attack 7 weeks ago. It was instant with no warning. We parted on a row and I feel so guilty as he was on his own. I’m totally devastated, each day is a struggle as I miss him so much. Totally lost without him. Any advice on how to cope with these feelings?

Hi jenn I’m so so sorry for your loss . I lost my partner the sane way there are words for it there here one minute then gone just like that . It’s such a shock as well as everything else my tragedy was 13 weeks today and I miss him more than words he was my world my everything the love of my life . Now he’s gone .
I know it must be very difficult as you had a row before it happened but I’m sure your relationship was not about that one disagreement think about all the wonderful things you shared not that one moment you shouldn’t feel guilty I’m sure he wouldn’t want that for you .
Please look after yourself sending hugs to you

Hello @Jenn23. The fact that you had a row with your partner before he died is making you feel upset and guilty. You will find as time goes on that nearly everyone feels guilty about something after losing a loved one, however much you have cared for them. Even those that cared for them 24/7 still feel the guilt that they could have done more. This is quite a normal feeling at this stage. It is very early days yet so just allow your grief to flow for now. You will find solace in this site.
Love and Light.x

Thank you, i know in my "logical " head that the row is irrelevant. I’m trying to take it a day at a time, the shock and suddenness has floored me. It helps finding this site to know that unfortunately things like this are happening everywhere and you feel like you’re the only one. The evenings are really hard, trying to keep busy but then I’ve overdid things and made myself ill. So hard trying to find the right balance. Sending hugs xxx

Thank you, as in previous post im taking it a day at a time. I miss him so much, so good to know there is support from others in this site. Sending hugs xxx

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All we can do is take it a day at a time . I’m still trying to find a reason to get up every day . This site is a god send
Hugs to you all