Hi I’m Ali I lost my husband in August everyday is a struggle some better than others I have 2 fantastic people as support at work but need things to do join to keep me busy out of work


Hi Ali, pleased you posted and it’s nice to know you have support. August is not that long ago and having good days and bad is what the road of grief is like. Don’t rush because really there’s time to decide just what suits you now has your life will have altered over the past few months. Grieving changes us, we become different people. Take your time and take care. S xx

I completely agree greiving does change us and our life my soul mate passed 3months ago and not adopting well with the change as for the feelings…I say no more

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It takes time to come to terms with the loss, being on your own, not having that one special person at your side. It’s a long hard road but you get through the worst even though you never feel the same or ever get totally use to the new person you have become. Sorry. S xx