My soul mate died 17th jan.we were together 40 years the last 29 months he battled a deadly brain tumour. He was only 55 and im so lost heartbroken and cannot see how i can keep going witjout him. He never ever spent one minute complaining and i know hed be annoyed that im not copong.i cared for him until his last breath at home in our own bed. Funetals tomorrow but hes coming home today.dont know how to begin to move forward anybody any advice xxx

take one day at a time, that is what I do, my soulmate/ hubby/best friend died on 15th Dec and it is still very raw, don’t expect it to go away quickly because it wont, the future will seem very bleak and dark now but it will eventually get brighter, that is what I keep telling myself. Tomorrow is going to be hard for you, there is no easy answer to help the pain, it is a horrible road we are going down, but you are not alone

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Thankyou for your reply people keep saying he will be with me but i dont have any afterlife beliefs so its hard to hear it. The guilt kills me why him at his age we were cheated of the rest of our lives together. As you say tomorrow im dreading xxcxx

Really hope your managing to at least find some peace in your journey xx

Hi, sorry you are going through this. It’s so hard, isn’t it? My husband best friend and soul mate left us on 21St January, after 3 weeks in a coma following a cardiac arrest on new years eve. I too was dreading the funeral, which was last Wednesday, but it actually turned out to be a wonderful, uplifting experience and I felt him there. He was 65, and we spent 43 years together. The way I see it is like this. We have known each other so long, and our connection goes so deep, that to grieve for him all at once would be like tearing myself apart. I feel it can only be done bit by bit, in bite size pieces, like peeling the layers off an onion. Forget a day at a time, I’ve been doing a minute at a time! I’m sure things will get easier, and we will emerge stronger women because of it. I know none of this helps, but you are not alone x


Hello Arjayem. I’m so sorry to read of your distressing and very recent loss. I lost my husband to cardiac arrest as a result of CHF in October. Your words regarding grieving “bit by bit, in bite-size pieces” is a comforting and encouraging. I know you’ll receive some welcoming responses. Warmest regards Tina.

Hope you find comfort and support from this site.
I lost my wife two months ago aged 49 and I have to look after our three teenage kids.
Still struggling to understand life without my soulmate of 23 years.
Take care.


That is beautiful. My hubbie passed on the 19th of Jan this year. Totally unexpected. Phils funeral was last Wednesday and even though I was upset it was fantastic. I know he was made up. A friend gave me a feather that came floating down as she was standing there. I know he is with us. He loved us all too much to leave. Phil and I were together for nearly forty years and if I could go to him now I would do but my family are hurting too much as well xx Lovely words xxx

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