No other way I can describe it. I lost mum 2 weeks ago tomorrow. She was lively, fun, beautiful, active, fit and my best friend. She was diagnosed on the 4th of June, died 3/8 having spent 15 nights in hospital.
I thought I was coping but it’s starting to hit Home and I don’t want to live without her here. I have been supporting everyone around me but I myself feel lost and pointless without her

Dear saffy1.
So sorry to hear about the death of your beloved mum. It must be so difficult for you at the moment as it is so soon after losing your mum and it sounds as though you were incredibly close too. Death is a hard thing to cope with and an unexpected death put an awful strain on you body, heart and soul. I lost my son unexpectantly just over 3 months ago and the pain and grief is some times unbearable, but being on this website gives me a chance to chat to people who know exactly how I am feeling, so believe me when I say you are not alone.
I have a loving family and many friends to support me but some days all I can think about is my boy and the joy I will feel when I see him again, but for know I need to learn how to be in this world without him, for the sake of the rest of my family, a thought which is devastating to me.
I have been having a weekly counselling session from a berevment counsellor which has helped me to be able to express myself freely, this may not be for everyone but I would recommend that everyone gives it a go to see if it helps. I also write a letter to my son every day and light a candle next to his photo, in this way it helps me stay connected to him, you will need to find ways to keep connected to your mum and everyone is slightly different. Just take one day at a time, and be kind to yourself
take care

Thank you, so sorry about your son ((hugs)) there so much me and mum did together, the situation is not helped by my eldest about to leave for uni :-/ I suffer from depression and I am scarred that I am gonna fall down that crack again and not be able to get out, took me 7 years to recover and now I fee like I’m falling back there again

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