I lost my husband 16 weeks ago still feels like yesterday .im finding i dont want to be around anyone at the moment. Spend all my days shut in doors . Constantly crying. Has anyone else felt like this .or is it jus me .i honestly don’t want to go on without him


Your not alone in how you feel. The early days are so hard and 16 weeks really isn’t that long. I still have times where it’s easier to be alone. I can cry when I want and just get comfort from being me and doing what I need to get through the day.
Be careful that you don’t isolate yourself and shut people out. If you do it for too long , it will be hard to get back out.


No its not just you … even i , nearly 8 months on feel like not speaking to people some days ! its very early on for u and its ok to cry ! I never stopped at beginning and i still cry - just not as often :frowning: xx

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I find it very hard going out or seeing people . It hurts a lot . I think you should follow your instincts if staying in is what you need now that’s ok maybe later it will change in time . It’s so much to absorb and internalise . Maybe staying in is your form of protection so I think you should go with that and not worry just do what’s right for you . Allow yourself to do whatever you need that helps and keep away from anything that makes you feel worse that’s what I try to do .
For me the grief is so so hard it dictates what I can do or not do it’s not something you can control it’s all consuming . I never been alone all my life we were together there are no words for the sorrow I carry though each day without him so I try not to do anything that will trigger my grief even more .
I don’t know if that helps to know but I stay in a lot too.

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Thankyou xx

Thankyou x