I lost a dear friend on the 28th march to cancer.
I went to every hospital appointment and every day when he was admitted to hospital, then to care home for palliative care.
I’m finding it difficult to get on with life now, I’m not eating or sleeping much now.
I miss him so much.

Sorry to read about what you are going through Garry. Don’t feel in a rush to be “getting on with life”. Its all too soon. Your body, mind and soul have taken such a traumatic blow and needs to rest a while. Try not to neglect yourself and your needs. It sounds like you were both truly blessed to have such a good friendship together. Sending compassionate thoughts to you.

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Hi Gary,

I’m sorry to hear you lost your dear friend recently and that you’re having such a difficult time at the moment. It must have been a great support and comfort for your friend to have you by their side throughout their illness.

I’ve read a number of posts with the phrases ‘getting on with life’ or ‘back to normal’ which we seem to think we should just be able to do.

The loss of a loved one is so painful that it takes time just to accept that they’re gone and to deal with the shock and grief that then follows. Allow yourself time to grieve in the way that you need to, without the pressure to get on with life. In time you will begin to move forward, when you’re ready to.

Keep posting & take care. Trudy x

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