Lost my mum 7 weeks ago, she left 4 children. We only had our mum growing up, mums family were never there for each other so she created her own family with her children and that was enough for her.
She was rushed to hospital and died 5 days later, I’m trying to be strong for my siblings but inside I’m so broken. I feel guilty that I wasn’t there more and she might have told me she was poorly. But she always said to me to live my life and not worry about her, if I need her I know where she is. I’m angry she didn’t tell me how Ill she was, I feel lost and sad all the time. I try acting normal but it hits me that she isn’t here, and I break. I don’t know what to do, I feel stuck in a pit of the worse emotions to feel.

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Hello @Ljht

It’s so unfair and the world is ripped apart. I lost my mum 9 weeks ago and Dad last Friday. I feel like life is now over but I have to be strong for my brothers. I was very close to them and just wished I had them a little longer.

Do you have support outside your siblings? Posting on here and reading other stories is helpful.

I’m sorry we’re on this journey. Rob x

I’m so sorry to hear that.
Being the strong one for your siblings is hard when you’re trying to grieve.
People say times a healer but when in the situation it doesn’t feel like it ever will.

Yeah I’ve got support from my wife and her family. Hearing other people’s stories on here is helping as I don’t feel so alone x

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hi @Ljht
I’m so sorry for your loss. I lost my mother 7 weeks ago, yet for me it just feels like yesterday i was talking to here and next thing i knew she i get a call from her carers saying she going to hospital. i got there with and left just after midnight promising her i’ll see her tomorrow. sadly i get the call she passed away before i even got there.

sadly for me my siblings were no help or supportive, they just tell me to get on with my life and forget about it.

she has her own health conditions but i just didnt know she was going to die, if i knew I would of stayed the night and now i regret not doing so. i feel guilty and the memory is ingrained forever in my mind.

my mum was my suriving parent after ny dad passed when i was 13, and to go through this again like this, the impact of grief hits you harder than before. back then i had my mum support and now i’m completely alone and i feel so lost without her.

it sounds silly but i keep praying that this is nightmare and when i wake up it will go away. i just find it hard to face reality as the world is moving on and i’m just in this limbo state.

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