He’s gone. It’s been 4 months. The inquest is on Monday. In spite of there being a confusing write up from the consultant which has raised questions no live witnesses are being called. His last two months in hospital showed so many conflicting issues several people are surprised there was no post mortem. He was cremated so too late now.
On his last scan they said there was a possibility of a secondary mass. It could have been hidden before, or grown suddenly, or could have been the same cancer-which is the subject of an industrial claim. I’m sitting here crying, knowing that in about 30 minutes I need to collect my daughter and take her for a regular injection. I have to be ok for her. That involves helping her put socks on, helping her down and up a few steps to the car. Then getting the wheelchair out of the boot and set up. All things I can and have been doing for years. But it just feels so difficult when all I really want to do is collapse in tears again. No reason to this. I’m also waiting for my other daughter to get in touch. I’ve not heard from her since late Sunday evening so I know she’s out using drugs again, and doing whatever to get the money. When she’s home she c alls me at least 10 times a day.


@Nina2 hope you’ll be ok, :pensive::pensive::pensive:

@Nina2 sounds like you’re having a tough time over and above dealing with the grief of loss :pensive::pensive:
I assume the inquest is part of the industrial action for asbestos exposure

I hope you have some other support structure to help you through

Stay strong

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I am so sorry for your loss…and your daughter. Is she an addisct ? I lost my husband 6 months ago im totally devistated togeter for 40 years im 59 he was 67…our daughter is a addict

The inquest is actually because of a particular antibiotic that was given and the side effect it has on his liver.

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Yes my youngest is an addict. She has bipolar disorder and multiple sclerosis and learning disabilities. She’s recently had another capacity test and lacks capacity to keep herself safe if living alone. She lives with her boyfriend but he can’t keep her safe either.

Bless you, you are doing so well, you are so brave. Have at least a few minutes to yourself, you deserve. X