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I’m sat in bed and I got to thinking after receiving another WhatsApp from my beautiful nephew in Australia (a nephew who was, and still is, like my baby, my own son even though he’s 39 now with children of his own)! He’s continuously asking me am I ok and when I answer yes, he asks am I sure. He tells me he misses me and he’s thinking about me etc etc etc. So, I got to thinking, you know what, life goes by so very quickly and we never know what it will bring with it, missing someone isn’t nice, as we all very quickly got taught. I thought, he doesn’t have to miss me, not whilst I’m still on this earth, why should he. Why?! I haven’t a reason Consequently, I’m going to see him. I booked a flight just now. I have been lucky enough to visit him several times since he moved there 4 years ago, in fact I only came back from there 6 months ago but so what. I’ll go again. Life is about spending time with people we love and care about whenever possible and whilst we can. I always knew that but, I know it even more so now!

This is what internet banking, online flight reservations and the inability to sleep very much does for you!!!

I just hope my Manager has the same outlook as I do when I go into work tomorrow and ask him to cover my shifts at short notice. Yes, I hope he does for his sake, my sake isn’t bothered, I’m going regardless…:))) x

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You go girl! Love your spontaneity…xx

Good for you, do everything that brings a little light and happiness into your life, so proud of you

Thank you, Kate. I’ll be sad when I go and sad when I come back but the truth is, I’ll be sad if I don’t go too. I’m permanently sad, as we all probably are. He’ll be there with me that’s for sure :slight_smile: x

Bless you Jen. Thank you. Sending you love x

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Dear cw13. Of course you’ll be sad. The one thing we can be sure of these days is sadness. Everything we do, everywhere we go is tainted by sadness. I think YL described it as portable grief - we can’t leave it behind, we always carry it with us. I’m managing to carry my hidden pain quite well at the moment but then I worry that people will think I’m ‘over it’. They can’t know that our grief is for life.
Enjoy your time with your nephew xxx

Like Kate said, grief is portable and you can take it anywhere. The great thing is you can make some nice fresh memories and they’ll stand you in good stead.
Just behave yourself. We don’t want any diplomatic incidents. We might need the Aussies. X

WOW, I’m in awe. Wish I had the guts to do something like you. I’m not usually lacking but I just can’t be bothered. Just before Brian died he said “That Pat she goes at everything like a bull in a china shop” That’s what I was like. Now I seem to have lost that umph preferring to stay in my comfort zone all the time. You are setting an example and perhaps we shall all follow. Good luck. Pat xxx

Thanks Pat. I like travelling if I’m honest. I like meeting new people along the way. In fact, I like new people more than the existing ones these days, the existing ones naff me off :)) They expect too much from me, make too many assumptions, basically, they just don’t get it. They think they do but they don’t, not really. I can’t be bothered with them and I go through the motions of being polite and pretending all is well with me, can’t be bothered doing otherwise as it’s a pointless exercise. I, like you, and most others on this forum have to work hard to enthuse about much these days. I don’t make plans very often anymore and although I’ve always been a spontaneous person, spontaneity is definitely the way it is with me all of the time these days. I have always loved our home and to be honest home is where I’m the most content these days and the place I feel total connection with my hubby so, with that in mind, I am slightly apprehensive about being away from home for a few weeks and wondering how that will be. The bottom line is, I’m not going to die wondering, so I’m up for the challenge. I haven’t any other reservations about the trip just simply the being away from our home. Time will tell. God loves a trier I believe and, I’m absolutely sure I can hear my hubby telling me, as he always did to…‘go for it’ so go for it I will :). Love to you Pat and, just for the record, I’m in awe of you too, every time I do some more damn gardening :))) x

I’ll try my best YL to keep the Aussies on side. I’m not promising anymore than that :slight_smile: x