Love of my life gone

Hi lost my partner 6 months ago on November 08.11.22 from a aneurysm right in front of me and 2 of my kids at home on 07.11.22 it was the hardest day of my life saying good bye to the lady i loved and still love it is one of the hardest things to deal with wish you was here with me


It is so hard to lose someone you love. Iā€™m 3 months in and although I function every day and live a life, I miss my partner terribly.

This site has been amazing for support. Keep coming back when you need to.


I am so sorry for your sudden loss. My beloved husband went three months and nine days ago. Also suddenly. We planned to go on holiday and now I have his urn in our bedroom instead. Sending you lots of love. Hugs from Anna

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@Maxine081122 So very sorry for your loss.

All of us are here because we share a common theme.

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