Made it to the new house

After two months of packing in grief, I’ve finally moved to the new place yesterday, my late partner and I made the decision to move before he died unexpectedly at home 11 weeks ago… My dad came to assemble some furniture with me, i just sobbed my heart out after he went home, I keep thinking about the feeling of triumph when we used to settle after moving, drinking a beer or two to chill… I’m not getting any of that now. It’s quite a nice apartment with new laid out floor, I just wish he was here to see it…

It feels as though it’s not my life anymore and I am just living for not disappointing my dad and sister.

30 odd boxes to unpack I will just try to pretend they are my Christmas presents…


@Riley I so feel for you. I am facing the same thing in January. I’ve started packing already - it’s a nightmare. And a minefield. Every so often I find something like a shopping list in his handwriting and I gaze at it for ages, tears pouring down my face. I’m moving from a 4 bedroom house full of furniture to a much smaller one 240 miles away. So I also have to get rid of stuff. That will hurt more. Every single bit of it is a precious memory.
I can’t store all his papers - he was meticulous about keeping his paperwork. I will just have to burn it all in the garden.
I also feel my life is gone. The most important part of it anyway. But he wouldn’t want me to feel this way. He would want me to get on with my life, to care for our dogs, to find some way of discovering hope again, contentment, even the joy I once felt looking at a beautiful sunrise or sunset.
He was the techie in our relationship, I the creative one. But, what do you know, I just managed to install WhatsApp on my new Huawei. One of these days I’ll figure out how it works!!!

Love, Christie xxx

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Nice to hear from you @Christie. I found looking at my partner’s handwriting extremely hard too, I once found a notebook and there was a poem about ‘Love’ that he wrote, I read a few lines, the emotions flooded over and i couldn’t breathe, had to stop reading and put it away.

You can take pictures of your husband’s paperwork with your phone, in case you want to see it later without physically keeping the piles. Good job on installing Whatsapp, you may try to send me a message later to see if it works?

Sending you some courage for the rest of your packing, my thoughts are always with you xxx


Don’t hold your breath - haven’t got it to work yet.

Kirsty xxx