My boyfriend passed away 9 days ago and isn’t even six feet under yet and his family are round his flat like magpies seeing what they can get. Me and my family help set him up in it and find it totally disrespectful

People act shockingly in these circumstances. When my mum died my sister asked if I would need her tv which is wall mounted as they needed a new one!
I said I’m not breaking up the house. She said of course and hasnt mentioned it since.

Totally disrespectful

Absolute disgrace!They should be ashamed of themselves!They should show some respect and wait a few weeks after the funeral.

Just glad they aren’t my family
Id disown the lot of em

hi Tidd
very sorry for the sad loss of you partner.
seems some families want nothing more than financial gain when a family member many are sick evil good for nothings.sadly it appears your partners family are in that bracket sorry to say.
make sure youve got everything you need.hope you managed to get personal effects that mean more than money to you.
regards ian
sorry if ive offended you in any way,just that my partners family are also in the above bracket.

No offense taken. Times like these you realize what people are really like.

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