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I have been widowed twice first time when I was 45 twenty three years ago , then two years ago, though devastating on both occasions I find now being older much more difficult, I don’t know if it is because my children were young and I was kept busy and I was still working , Now after two years I feel I should be moving on but all I do is exist , same routine of nothingness every day . I joined this. Community 18 months ago and I do find comfort reading messages but it seems everyone is newly bereaved (within a year ) I wonder if people whose loss was over two years ago no longer need the forum and have moved on ?


Hi,it’s 20 months since my husband died, I definitely still need this site,I’m sure my work colleagues think I should be (over it) by now.even though I talk about my husband every opportunity I have, we never had friends, we were always enough for each other. I can’t let my adult kids know how tough it is for me,I don’t ever want to be a burden to them, they have their own lives to live, so this site lets me put my true feelings down ,and get the support I need, xtake carex


Hi MargaretW. It is just over 3yrs since i lost my husband i still need this forum at the moment i dont often post but read everyones messages it has helped me greatly to be on here as everyone understands how we feel the pain of our loss doesnt go away we just learn to live with it. X


Thanks Jen , Broken , good to know I am not alone in feeling the way I do , this is the first time I have posted anything

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Hi @MargaretW , it’s coming up for 27 months for me, yes I still use the forum.
Mostly I read and occasionally post, but there is one thread I post on regularly as it’s become more like friends chatting about our everyday lives.
Love Debbie x

Hi Margaret,
There’s quite a few who still use this forum.
It’s often difficult to tell family & friends how your doing, but we all understand here.

G. X