Mam & dad died 5th November 2021

Hi, I’m struggling a bit today. Yesterday was my mam and dad’s funeral. Go.back 8 weeks, I was happy, carefree, just opened a shop, had a partner of 5 years and a mam and dad.

Dad was taken into hospital 8 weeks ago with covid. 2 weeks later he was ventilated, he made a final call to my mam and said I love you, take care of yourself. Trying to get your head around that alone was awful. 46 years of marriage and your final words were over the phone. The roller coaster of emotions for those 3 weeks he was ventilated were horiffic. Mam struggled every day with dad not being there. They had been married 46 years. She said there was no purpose in life without him. We were taken into a side room more times than i can count to tell us he wasn’t going to make it.

After 3 weeks on the ventilator he had started to improve until he got an infection which caused sepsis. It was mam’s day to visit and they took her to one side to tell her today is the day he won’t make it. She came to my house to tell me and we sat and talked. I spent the day with mam, we walked the dogs around the park, sat and had tea and dinner. 430pm the dreaded call came. Mam already in a state I said I would go and sit with him while they turned the machine off. While mam stayed with my daughter. They turned dad’s machine off (which was awful to watch) they say it’s peaceful, it’s far from it. I pretty much watched my dad suffocate, gasping for breath. He passed away at 550pm, while there were fireworks going off in the background.

I went home to see my mam and said he’s gone. I took mam back to her own house, offered to stay with her but she said she wanted to be on her own., I dropped her off and rang her a bit later to check on her. She said she was fine and was going to have an early night.

I woke up at about 4am on the 6th and text mam, there was no reply, I left it until about 6 then rang my sister. I said we need to go check on mam. I said you need to prepare for the worst mind. We arrived and the house was in darkness, we went to the back of the house and there was a light on in the middle room, the room where the loft is. We went in and mam had put a note on the bedroom door. It said do not come in, phone the police, remember how much we love you and are proud of you. Gone to be with dad. My heart right then broke forever. My life would.never be the same again!


My heart goes out to you with much love. I’m so sorry x. I lost my mother almost a month ago now and so can identify with the pain but what you have experienced must be so extremely difficult. My thoughts are with you.


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I am so, so sorry that you have this pain. As someone who has lost their soulmate, I can understand your mum’s complete and total despair at losing her beloved husband. The shock for you though must be immense. It is so hard, no matter what age, when you lose a parent, let alone both. Take support from wherever you can and whoever you can. Take care

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I’m so sorry. That sounds horrendous. I lost my mum who I was very close to 8 months ago and the pain is horrendous at times. My dad died in 2007. I can’t begin to imagine what you’re going through, to lose 2 parents in such horrendous circumstances. I feel like I want to give you a great big hug. I know it won’t take the pain away.
I hope you’ve got good friends and that your partner is supportive. Take care of yourself. Xx


I am so, so sorry to read this. It must be utterly heartbreaking for you to lose both of your parents so suddenly and traumatically. So many tragic stories through COVID and many more people who have since passed away like my husband, because they did not get treatment quickly enough :broken_heart:

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I’m so sorry for the loss of your husband Di.
Sending love and hugs. Xx

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Thank you x

There are no words I’m so very sorry for your loss I’m sending you bucket loads of love and strength take care x