mams passing

hi there i lost my mum suddenly on may 26th and ive been breaking down every day she was a lovely lady and its had a major impact on my life i feel like i cant go on no more she had a leaky heart valve and passed away with cardiac arrest im still in shock people say time will heal im looseing my mind with worry over it all im missing her with all my heart.

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Paul, thanks for posting, it’s so nice to read that she was a lovely lady, it’s no wonder that you miss her. Mums are very special and we miss them so much, try to remember the beautiful moments you had with her, the laughter and joy she brought to your life. We miss our loved one and the pain can be horrible, it does get less with time.
There are many on this site who have recently lost their mums and will give you support through this trouble time. Take extra care of yourself. S xxx


Hi Paul
I lost my Mom 15 months ago and I felt the same as you
I felt I was going to die from heartbreak
it was so painful
you need time and eventually you will come to terms with it believe me
it is so early days for you
think of what your mom would want for you she wouldn’t want you to be in such despair
i hope this helps a little
take care

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Hi Paul, I lost my mum on July 10th I cared for her at home for the last 6 weeks, I’m finding it so hard, the guilt, the anger & the sadness that she’s gone is so hard to take I miss her so much, going to the bungalow to look after dad now is hard because shes not there and I miss her presence, I’m so sorry to hear you too have lost your mum hopefully we all can find some strength to get through this, my thoughts are with you, stay strong and keep in touch take care.
Lynn xx