Lost my soul mate 28th October so this was my first Christmas without him.
My kids and grandkids have been amazing. I have put the decorations up, been to school naivety, bought everyone presents, been out for Christmas lunch, hosted family on Boxing Day but all the time I feel like I’m in a movie. It’s all a mask, I want to scream, cry, curl up and hide away.


You are doing well. This is all we can do carry on and through time we will all make another life.never forget but make a new life

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Hey, sending you a big hug.

I feel the same i lost my partner suddenly in feb and its only getting harder. Obviously juat had 1st xmas without him and it was our daughters 5th birthday, my birthday in dec and his yesterday. An i feel like that too that ive put a mask on to not upset others but then feel drained doing so when just want to cry and cry and scream. Its such a wonderful time of the year but when you lose someone so close its not anymore.

Sending you love and support xxxx

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Yes it is a hardvtime of yesr but you are doing great .we must carry on forvthe sake of our families. I lost my partner 6 weeks ago we were 25 years together and just looking forward to our lives…he died suddenly of dvt.there are times i feel like my life has stopped. I just go on and hope and pray things will get better through time…x

Omg thats how my partner died. He was 36.

Am trying my best for my little girl, its hard to grieve whilst trying to help them too xxxx

It is such a hard road. You will find tge strength to cope for your daughter. I feel blessed i have a son and daughter and a grand daughter. They have helped ne through these last few weeks .i think the only way through thisnis to live 1 day at a time and pray as time passes we learn to live another life…i have returned to my work which i think has helped…nothing will replace what Robert and i had but we all need to have faith we will find peace…you are so young for this to have happened. I pray you will find an inner strength and a way of coping …i find sone days are worse than others…x

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Dear jackiej beening ripped apart from your soulmate is the hardes life challange i have faced. Like yourself i have had too be strong for my daughter and 19mth old granddaughter. I am 6mths in and have tried all sorts of ways to alleviate this sadness and physical chest pain (councelling, cruse, good grief trust, smaritans, zoom breavement chats, meeting with old work friends) . If i am honest the only tines i feel normal is when i look into my grandaughters eyes and watch her laugh. Keep reaching out to other bereaved people as i have found this shines a little light in my dark word. Sending hugs Allen

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Dear Allen
Thank you for your reply and understanding.
My daughters asked me to go to hers NYE at first I said yes as I thought it would just be immediate family. Now it’s extended to other friends. How can I celebrate or pretend to celebrate? I can’t keep wearing this mask to please others.

Dear jackie i can only speak from my own experience and as much as i protect my daughter and granddaughter from my grief. I still have a honest conversation with my daughter on how i am feeling and coping. I guess i am lucky in that my daughter understands at this point i cannot look a photos of my linda so she is sensitive to this. I would hope your daughters no how much you miss your life partner and empathise with you not being the person you once were so will understand. Sendjng yoh hugs Allen.