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Hi, This could be of Interest/help to some of us ,its on Channel 4 Next Monday 8th August 10pm

Take Care Mickere


Hi Mickere,
Thanks for this, i will try and watch it.
Sue x

Hi Mickere,
I will watch so thanks for sharing this with us.
I watched a talk given by Natasha Josefowitz entitled… ‘Living without the one you cannot live without.’ It is very good and I could relate to so much of what she talked about She has lost a husband and son so knows how it feels to grieve.
I came across it by chance on my I Pad.
Love Jenny

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Hi @mickere
I saw this yesterday, I’ve already put my TV on to record it. I read his book early on in my grief journey “The Madness of Grief”. Until he retired he was vicar in the next parish to me, losing his partner David was very hard for him.

@Kingfisher, that programme was on another thread posted by @berit, I watched it, it was very good as you said, I could relate to so much she said. It was very interesting in that she found that men grieve different from women. I’ve now been on Amazon and ordered her book.

Debbie X

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Hi Debbie,
Yes it very interesting and well worth a watch as she covered so many aspects of grieving. Didn’t realize that another member had posted about it or I’d have watched it sooner. She has a lovely voice and gives such sound advice.
Love Jenny x


I too read “The Madness of Grief” @Debbie57.
I really “enjoyed” it - if that is the right word given the subject matter and the personal circumstances that led me to seek it out.

I was surprised at the humour in it, but being a woman with a warped sense of humour, I found it helped and I loved his writing style (though, I didn’t enjoy his 1st novel as much).

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I have to admit I haven’t read anything else of his, like you circumstances led to the book. I might give something else of his a try.

Thank you I will watch .:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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