Today is the first anniversary of my wonderful mum’s death, I miss her so much. I was an only child and my mum was my best friend I have a husband and one son and no close friends. My husband does not understand the depth of my loss my son does but I don’t want to burden him as he also misses his gran. This is the first time I have sent anything but I just had to speak about it to someone.

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Hello Rusty

It must be a very difficult day for you today.

I’m an only child too but I have no children. My partner doesn’t seem able to understand my loss either and that makes things even harder doesn’t it.

I lost my Mum ten weeks ago and miss her terribly. She was my best friend and I miss everything about her.

We are lucky to have had such wonderful Mums who loved us so much and were our best friends. I am trying to take comfort from that.

I hope your day isn’t too awful. You will find a lot of support here.

Thank you, I know I am not the only one who feels like this and my heart goes out to yourself and others who have lost a loved one’s. Again thank you it has taken me a while to join this community.

Hi Rusty

Hope the day wasn’t too painful for you
So sorry for your loss
Anniversaries/birthdays can be difficult
Sometimes family just don’t really understand what ur going through
Well for me anyway everyone is different
It was my mum in law 1 year anniversary just recently
I’m glad you joined this group where you will find support from others

Please take care
Sandra x

Thank you for your message, everyone one is different and I also suppose it depends on the relationship you had with the person. I thought I was beginning to handle things a bit better but mother’s Day is bringing back all the feelings again. Thank you once again for your message.x

I have just lost my dad 2 days ago it was sudden and I am lost. My partner doesn’t do emotions and I have no friends. I have 1 child but she is 10 I am already putting to much on her, I was so close to my dad. I still have my mom but need to be strong for her. My dad did everything for us. I have a sister but she lives nearly 2 hours away and we are not close. Wanted to reach out because you sound in the same situation as me. I thought he would live forever

I can understand how you feel, we do think that they will go on, get old but in a way stay the same. When I lost my dad I felt the same he was the person that did everything from fixing cars to fixing things in the home and I really miss him. because of my mum I had to be strong for her they married at 16 and where married 54 years she missed him so much like me they did not have many friends they lived for our small family. I did not really cry until the morning of the funeral when I was in the shower and I knew my mum would not hear me.
I can’t say anything that will take away how you feel at the moment but lots of people do understand. You have done the correct thing by joining this community I waited to long I should have done it sooner.