Meal times

Hate meal times now, all I do is cry remembering how Colin and I used to cook together laughing and being daft and how he always thanked me and said how much he had enjoyed his dinner :cry: now here I am sitting alone with an omelette and bawling my eyes out :sob: How do you ever get used to this life :cry:

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I don’t think you do get used to it, Mrs colt, you just adjust,.Adjust to buying for one, cooking for one , and eating alone.Its awful I thing I do is cook stuff my lovely hubby didn’t like , but I did… Sounds silly but it helped that I wasn’t eating food that he loved . Sounds stupid in writing but it helped me
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Thanks Lancashirelass1 I will try that, Colin hated macaroni and cheese and I love it so I will make that tomorrow :wink: I still shop like he’s still here then end up chucking half of it out :roll_eyes: I will get used to it in time I suppose.
Thank you for the tip
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I do the same thing - when I can bothered to cook at all that is. Although after Pattidot’s kick up the bottom the other day I’ve decided to make sure I cook more and eat healthier.

Clive didn’t really like offal - kidneys, liver and bacon, stuffed hearts, etc, but my Nan used to cook stuff like that for me when I was young so, for me, it’s comfort food. He loved spag bol, Chilli, curry and corned beef pie - I haven’t been able to cook or eat any of those things since.

Hi, Brian hated sweet potato and I love it so I can have it for every meal if I want to now but when I’m preparing it I can feel him looking over my shoulder and saying “Oh no I don’t want any of that”. and I would say “but it’s good for you”, and him “I don’t care I don’t want the stuff” We still have this conversation in my head and I feel guilty xxxxx

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