Medical claim following death

Has anyone pursued a medical claim through legal channels following the death in hospital of your person? I’m in a dilemma, not knowing the best thing to do, trying to balance my emotional and mental health with my need to have answers.

I can total relate to your dilemma. I tried to get justice for the neglect my husband suffered in hospital but they wasn’t interested. Said they can’t prove it either way. It was a cover up. I did get hold of his records he had while in hospital but it was what they had written so again cover up. No justice in this world.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try . If you think he was not treated properly give it a try.

I guess that is what worries me. That I drag out even more heartbreak and trauma over months and months, for no outcome, at least not one that brings my husband back. But I don’t want to roll over and just accept what they say. My husband and I deserve better. I have received a report on their investigation into the circumstances leading to my husbands death, but like you say, it is a very one sided and edited down version, with very carefully selected words.

PALS would be a good place to start - Patient Advice and Liaison Service. Every hospital has one. I found them to be very helpful. Good luck. x

Thanks Kate. I initially went through PALS prior to my husbands death as I had concerns. After he died, this was superseded by a full panel investigation which has just produced a 51 page report of its findings. But it is not impartial and lots of areas of concern haven’t been appropriately addressed, in my view. I just wonder if it is worth taking further with legal challenge, or whether I will just keep reopening wounds (which, to be fair, never go away anyway).

Legal neglect team at you solicitors might be a better place at least they should know if got a claim,

Dear @ElsieF,

I understand your dilemna…I really do. All I would say is if you think pursuing this will bring you any sense of peace or resolution then do what you feel you can.

There are practical next steps if you wanted to explore these. Perhaps submitting your complaint to the Ombudsman office. Their website has lots of useful information including advocacy services that might be able to assist you. If you felt able, have you made a request to view your husbands medical records ?

I wish you well with whatever you decide.

Best wishes,


Thank you. That is really helpful. I will take a look at the ombudsmen option.

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I spoke to a lawyer who was dealing with my hubby’s estate about negligence by the oncologist. My hubby’s dementia meant he wasn’t in a position to be able to give the go ahead on the trial treatment, which the patiative care team believed was advancing his dementia and not helping the cancer. He died after 4 of the trial treatments. The oncologist didn’t acknowledge my concerns about the treatment or his death.
The lawyer said it would be extremely unlikely that I would be able to get a substantial case against him and all evidence hunting would be at my expense. Also a civil case would also get dragged out and it is unlikely that it would be successful.
But I will always blame the oncologist for pushing my hubby to an earlier death.

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